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5 Most Common Eye Problems

5 Most Common Eye Problems

Like the rest of you, your eyes tend to have problems every now and then. Some eye problems are much more serious than others, however. The most common conditions that eye doctors see in Colorado Springs range from minor irritations to major issues.

Man with eye problems needs to see an eye doctor.

Red Eyes

Having bloodshot eyes is a symptom of another, underlying issue. That issue might just be that you didn't get enough sleep last night. It could also indicate allergies, eyestrain, or an eye infection such as conjunctivitis.

Tired Eyes/Eyestrain

Eyestrain usually results from overuse, such as extensive computer work or driving long distances. Your eyes just feel tired and you want to rest. This is most often related to environmental issues, but you should see one of our optometrists if the condition persists.


Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. They occur when the lens of the eye is altered, usually by aging, and starts to become opaque. Some remain small and cause minimal problems, while others require surgery. Cataract surgery in the U.S. is extremely common and very effective.


A certain amount of pressure inside the eye is normal. When there is too much pressure, this condition is called glaucoma, and it can result in damage to the optic nerve. Unfortunately, glaucoma has no symptoms until there is already damage, so regular eye exams are very important. An eye exam can catch the disease before it causes damage. Glaucoma is typically treated with eye drops, but severe cases can be treated surgically.

Macular Degeneration

When the central portion of the retina, called the macula, begins to degenerate, the condition is called macular degeneration. This is most commonly due to aging. Dark or blurred spots in the center of your vision are the most common early symptoms of macular degeneration. Drugs and laser therapies are used to treat advanced forms of the condition, and dietary supplements may be used to treat earlier forms.

Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs

If you have eye problems of any kind in Colorado Springs, you should be seen by one of our eye doctors. Chapel Hills Vision Clinic can provide diagnostic exams, management of chronic conditions, co-management of surgical conditions, and more. To make an appointment with one of our optometrists, call (719) 599-5083.

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