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colorado springs optometristOn behalf of all our Colorado Springs optometrists and staff, we welcome you to the official website for Chapel Hills Vision Clinic. We're committed to helping area residents enjoy the natural visual wonders of their surroundings for life. We do this by providing top-quality eye exams, treatments, corrective lenses and guidance to families just like yours. Maybe that's why the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph singled out our clinic for recognition as the best eye care and optometrists in Colorado Springs. If that's the level of care you want and expect for yourself and your loved ones, then you'll want to check out the various features and benefits listed on this site -- and then you'll want to contact us for your first appointment!

Meet Our Eye Doctors in Colorado Springs

Chapel Hills Vision Clinic has built its reputation for excellence over the last 30 years on the quality of its team. In addition to our caring, highly-trained opticians and support staff, we enjoy the services of four distinguished eye doctors in Colorado Springs. Dr. Joanne Hendrick, Dr. Cynthia Cid, Dr. Shane Frerichs, and Dr. David Guhl all bring a remarkable combination of skill, knowledge, expertise and passion to their work. They also embrace new techniques and technologies as they come along to make sure our clients are always receiving the state of the art in optometric practices.

A Variety of Sight-Saving Services

Whichever optometrist you see at Chapel Hill Vision Clinic, you'll have full access to a lifetime's worth of primary eye care services -- some of which may play crucial roles in saving or preserving your vision. Our comprehensive array of services ensures that your family will benefit from:
  • Eye and vision exams - Our comprehensive exams and tests can determine how well you're seeing while also catching any hidden diseases or other problems that might seriously threaten your future eyesight.
  • Eye disease/disorder management - From conjunctivitis to cataracts, our clinic is ready to evaluate your condition and recommend treatment options.
  • Corrective lenses - Our range of contact lenses, glasses, and prescription sunglasses (including 1,500 designer frame options) can keep every member of your family seeing clearly.
  • Eye surgery co-management - Whether you're getting LASIK surgery to reverse a refractive error or you need surgery to treat an eye disease, we can assist in the process by making the advance preparations and co-managing your recuperation.

Schedule a Visit Today

As you can see, Chapel Hills Vision Clinic has a lot to offer your family. But no matter how many services we provide or how much skill we possess, you still need to know whether our clinic feels like a good fit for you and your loved ones. The best way to ascertain that is by coming to our office and talking to our optometrists in person. Use our online scheduling tool or call 719-599-5083 to arrange for an initial consultation today!

This is why Colorado Springs turns to Chapel Hills Vision Clinic for their eye care needs. The finest eye doctors. The most complete eye exams. The best eyeglasses and sunglasses.

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2438 Research Parkway, Suite 200 – Colorado Springs, CO 80920
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Meet The Staff

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Joanne Hendrick
    Optometric Physician
    “In high school, I spent two summers volunteering and assisting physicians, dentists and optometrists in Colombia and Guatemala. While all these services were greatly needed, it amazed me to realize what an incredible impact the ability to see clearly had on people’s lives! I knew then I wanted to be an eye doctor! It’s hard for me to imagine another job in which you get to improve people’s lives… EVERY day! All of our patients are unique. Different kinds of jobs and careers, different hobbies, different passions. wonderful stories about their ever-changing journeys. So, we are passionate about adopting new technologies to meet the shifting lives of our patients, continue to improve our diagnostic abilities and our ability to dispense the best in frames, lenses and contact lenses to our community.”
  • Dr.
    Shane Frerichs
    Optometric Physician
    “Living in Colorado affords us the opportunity to witness some of the most beautiful wonders that this world has to offer from our environment. Coupled with our ever-changing requirements with work and school, our near visual demands mandate that we can see up close clearly and comfortably. Practicing as an optometrist allows me to enhance our most important sense, our eyesight, so that our patients can fully take in every detail that is available to them both far and near.” “Ensuring the clarity of vision has become the most important aspect of my job; however, I am honored that I can help with the longevity of our community’s ocular and systemic health as well. Being able to detect possible sight and life-threating conditions simply by looking into someone’s eyes has been one of the greatest contributions that I can make to our community and I look forward to doing it on a daily basis.”
  • Dr.
    Cynthia Cid
    Optometric Physician
    “It may be true that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Yet, as a doctor, I know that the eyes are the windows to so much more. It is unbelievable what you can discover about the human body by looking into the eyes! We can detect a multitude of systemic health issues that affect the eyes and a patient’s overall health. I sometimes think of our jobs as actually being Vision Detectives, which is pretty cool!”
  • Dr.
    David Guhl
    Optometric Physician
    “Because vision affects every aspect of our lives, we’re committed to our patients, their families and friends to make sure that their eye sight is optimal. If it isn’t, school work can suffer, work can suffer, our general outlook on life can look bleak. So we take our responsibilities here seriously.


Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

    Best eye doctors in town. ALL of the staff is kind, patient, respectful and helpful. Expert skills, fast, efficient and lovely offices. I can't say enough good things about them.

    Ellen Regina

    Love the service at this office. Everyone is so very personable and wonderful to work with. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a referral.

    Elisa Sundahl

    Very friendly staff and doctors. Good prices and great selection of eye wear

    Ken Heddings

    I have been a customer for many years now and have received excellent and efficient service each and every time. Thank you Chapel Hills Vision Clinic

    Kevin Baxter

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