How Eye Doctors Diagnose and Treat Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a common refractive error, meaning that it affects the angle at which light hits the back of your eye and causes vision problems. Like myopia and hyperopia, it is caused by the shape of the eye. However, with myopia or hyperopia only, the eye has a uniform but too steep or too flat curve. Astigmatism, which our eye doctors here at Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs treat regularly, is caused when the eye has an irregular curve.

man suffering from astigmatism

Symptoms and Diagnosis

The most common symptom of astigmatism is blurred vision. Many people with astigmatism also have other issues, such as myopia or hyperopia. If your vision is blurred or you know you have astigmatism but your current prescription is not working well, come to see one of our Colorado Springs optometrists for help.

There is no evidence that astigmatism is caused by anything in particular, with the exception of eye injury or disease. People are usually born with the condition, which can get worse with time. Because it can worsen slowly, you may not notice symptoms for a relatively long period of time.

Having an untreated vision issue can affect all parts of your life. Even if you think that you are getting along alright, correcting your astigmatism will improve your ability to drive, play sports, watch television, play video games, and more. There is also a possibility that your symptoms are not caused by astigmatism, and could need other types of treatment.

Glasses and Hard-to-Fit Contact Lenses

The main treatment for astigmatism is corrective lenses. It used to be that contact lenses were not typically used because they did not sufficiently correct the problem. However, modern contact lenses have developed to the point where many people with astigmatism use them.

Contact lenses for people with astigmatism are considered hard-to-fit contacts, however, and you will probably find it easiest to get them through a clinic with optometrists skilled in the fitting process, like ours. There are several options, including both hard and soft lenses. People with severe astigmatism may have to use hard lenses, but most people prefer a special type of soft contact called toric lenses.

It is possible for some people with astigmatism to have vision correction surgery. This depends on the severity of the disorder and other factors. Our eye doctors co-manage surgical correction for patients on a regular basis.

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