Eye Care for Astigmatism

Astigmatism affects the shape of your cornea, which makes some things appear blurry. Do not be afraid of a diagnosis of astigmatism. With today's innovative technologies, you have many of the same options for vision correction as someone without this condition. If you live in Colorado Springs, come see us at Chapel Hills Vision Clinic for diagnosing your vision problems and getting treatment to restore your vision.


Astigmatism Basics

Astigmatism results from a bulge in your eye's cornea that focuses light away from your retina. This indirect focusing makes things look blurry to you. Most people have this condition from birth, and there is no way to prevent it. However, with good eye care, you can get it diagnosed and corrected to make seeing clearer.

How an Eye Doctor Diagnoses Astigmatism

When you visit an optometry clinic for a vision exam, one of our eye doctors will check how well you see in addition to examining the physical structures of your eye. This exam may include keratometry that measures the curve of your eye or corneal topography that provides details about your eye's surface. Combining the results of these with your vision exam, the eye doctor can determine if you have astigmatism.

Treatment Options for Astigmatism

Because astigmatism frequently affects your ability to see clearly, you may need corrective lenses or surgery to restore your sight. Eyeglasses, contacts, and LASIK surgery are choices you should discuss with the optometrist during your appointment.

While in the past, people with astigmatism were told that they could not wear contacts, today, you have options for rigid gas permeable lenses or toric lenses, depending on how bad your astigmatism is. If you need these hard-to-fit contacts, the optometrist will need to measure your eyes for the lenses.

For eyeglasses, the refraction test during the vision exam lets the optometrist find the right prescription to correct your vision.

Lastly, LASIK is an option if you want to get rid of your corrective lenses. This type of surgery reshapes your eye, correcting your astigmatism.

Find Your Optometry Clinic Here in Colorado Springs

Whether you have astigmatism or just need an eye exam, make Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs your source for eye care. We have several optometrists on staff who will find the root of your vision troubles and work to get the best solution for you. To make an appointment with us, call our office at (719) 599-5083. We're here to help you see the best that you can.


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