Common Eye Injuries

Because our vision is precious to us, most people go into a bit of a panic when they suffer an eye injury. These types of injuries not only hurt, but they leave us wondering almost immediately if they might lead to long term vision problems. Many will rush to the emergency room after an eye injury in order to take care of whatever immediate threat there might be. But follow up with your regular Doctor of Optometry is important too in order to make sure your eye is healing properly. At Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs, we see a variety of eye injuries and in most cases we can guide you toward properly caring for an injury yourself, treat the injury in our office, or refer you to an ophthalmologist or eye surgeon who can give you the best chance of healing and preserving your vision.

woman suffering from an eye injury

Scratched Eyes

If your eyes become scratched, you may have a corneal abrasion. This happens if something pokes you in the eye or if dust or sand gets in your eye. You'll likely experience some redness and extra sensitivity to light. If there is just a little sand or dust, you may be able to flush out your eyes with water or saline solution, but anything heavier, such as rocks or glass requires more immediate attention from your eye doctor. Be careful not to rub or patch your eye as it will give bacteria an opportunity to grow. Making an appointment with your optometrist as soon as possible will help you determine the next steps and whether you are at risk of infection.

Penetrating Object in Eye

If a metal object, such as a staple or fish hook gets in your eye, emergency treatment will be needed. Don't try to remove the object, because this can cause a more serious injury. A loose paper cup over the eye can protect in against other outside elements until you can be treated by a doctor.

Chemical Burns in the Eye

Chemical burns fall into two categories;  acids and alkali and both can be serious. With acid, the damage seems more obvious because they are accompanied by pain, but alkalis, including chalk dust, oven cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner present their own dangers. To avoid these burns it is important to not let cleaners and other dangerous liquids splash into your eye, and make sure if anything is on your hands you do not rub your eyes and contaminate them. 

Swollen Eyes

If you are hit in the eye, the infamous "black eye" may be the result. A bit of first aid on your own, such as an ice pack, may be in order. Still, it is a good idea to be checked out by an eye doctor to make sure there is no internal damage.

Eye Bleeding

Subconjunctival hemorrhages or eye bleeding is scary, but thankfully it is usually not as bad as it seems. Normally, they do not result in vision loss-- they just look bad for a while. Still, you can make note of when these happen and tell your optometrist to assure that the healing process goes as it should.

Traumatic Iritis, Hyphemas and Blowout Fractures

If the colored part of your eye, the iris becomes inflamed after a blow to the eye it is important to get treatment as soon as possible, as it may mean vision loss. By seeing an eye doctor right away you can lessen the amount of permanent damage. Similarly, hyphemas and blowout fractures of the eye, which is bleeding between the cornea and the iris or breaks in facial bones near the eye can be very serious as well. A blunt force by a ball or puck, or from being punched can cause these injuries. Seek medical treatment right away if these things happen in order to preserve your eyes and vision.

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If you've suffered an eye injury, getting it checked out by an eye doctor is important. So is making sure your eyes get the ongoing care they need. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us at Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO  at 719-599-5083.


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