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Have you ever considered the advantages of contact lenses? While eyeglasses remain a popular vision correction choice, contacts offer more practicality and durability in high-impact situations such as sports activities. They also correct your vision without advertising that the fact your vision needs correcting, and give you unhindered peripheral vision thanks to the lack of frames.Here at Chapel Hills Vision Clinic, we can fit you with contact lenses that feel comfortable and provide razor-sharp vision.

The Contact Exams Colorado Springs Trusts

Getting fitted for contacts isn't as simple as getting fitted for eyeglasses, even though both types of corrective eyewear make use of the same basic vision prescription. While glasses must be fitted to perch on your nose at the right distance from your eyes, contacts require even more precision because they have to conform to your corneal, pupil and retinal dimensions.

They must also be the type of contacts, made of the right type of materials, for your particular vision, health, and lifestyle requirements. That's why you have to get a contact lens exam on top of your regular vision exam -- and why you should turn to Chapel Hills Vision Clinic for the contact exams Colorado Springs trusts.

We will measure your eye dimensions and contours with pinpoint precision so your lenses will fit perfectly. At the same time, we will consider any issues you may have such as keratoconus, presbyopia, astigmatism, dry eye, and any other factors that might influence what kind of contacts you need -- including your plans for wearing and cleaning them.

A Wide Range of Contact Lens Options

Once our team has a clear idea of your ocular health, prescription challenges, and lifestyle habits, we can recommend specific types of contact lenses from our extensive list of options. You may do perfectly well with standard soft contacts, whether they're single-use disposables or extended-wear lenses specifically designed to be worn day after day.

But if you have a hard-to-fit prescription, don't worry. We can address that issue with options such as toric lenses to correct astigmatic eyes, multifocal lenses to give presbyopia sufferers clear vision at all distances, and scleral lenses to compensate for corneal abnormalities of keratoconus. Rigid gas permeable lenses offer clear vision even for very strong prescriptions.

Our hard-to-fit lens options can also accommodate specific health or lifestyle challenges. If your eyes are easily irritated by the proteins that gather on soft lenses, for instance, we can fit you with rigid gas permeable lenses instead. If you have dry eye, we can provide lenses optimized for retaining moisture. If cleaning lenses doesn't appeal to you, single-use disposable lenses do away with that concern.

Want Great Contacts? Contact Our Clinic!

If you're looking for a great pair of contacts, it's time to make contact with Chapel Hills Vision Clinic. Call (719) 599-5083 to schedule a contact lens exam and learn about our extraordinary range of lens options!


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