Hyperopia Services from Your Optometrists in Colorado Springs

Hyperopia is a common vision condition frequently called farsightedness.  It affects around 25 percent of the U.S. population.  Focusing on close objects is difficult for farsighted individuals.  Fortunately, our Colorado Springs optometrists offer patients at our Chapel Hills Vision Clinic options to treat this disorder.

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Farsightedness occurs when rays of light hitting the eye eventually focus behind its retina instead of on it.  This is because the eyeball is shorter than one in a normal eye.  Sometimes the cornea is unusually flat, which prevents the lens from adjusting to get a clear image of objects close at hand.  Experts know of no way to prevent hyperopia.

Symptoms of Hyperopia

As a child or a young adult, an individual with farsightedness characterized as mild or moderate typically experiences no symptoms because the lens of the eye is able to adjust to compensate.  Among those with a more severe disorder or who are older, common symptoms include:

  • An aching sensation in the eyes
  • Blurred appearance of close objects
  • Eye strain or fatigue
  • Squinting
  • Headaches

Eye care providers recognize this condition as a risk factor for developing closed-angle glaucoma.  As a result, farsighted patients should discuss being tested for glaucoma with one of our optometrists.  Experts suspect a hereditary risk factor because the disorder is so often present at birth. Hyperopia appears to affect men and women equally.  Many children with farsightedness eventually outgrow it. 

Treatment Options

Our optometrists can diagnose this disorder during a basic eye exam.  Patients with farsightedness have refractive prescriptions with positive numbers, such as +2.25.  The principal method of management is prescribing corrective lenses, either glasses or contact lenses.

Some patients require correction around the clock.  Others find they need it only when working on the computer, reading, or performing some other type of close work.  For those who opt to wear glasses, our eye doctors recommend the type of lens that creates the best appearance.  Lenses for children should offer both comfort and resistance to impact.

Several types of refractive surgery are available.  They lower or even eliminate the necessity for wearing corrective lenses.

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