Scleral Lenses

Scleral Lenses: What Our Optometrist Wants You to Know

Has an eye doctor ever told you that you aren't able to wear contact lenses due to an irregularly shaped cornea? If so, you may want to talk with our eye doctor to find out if scleral lenses may be an option for you. These large, gas permeable lenses help people with a variety of eye conditions wear contacts successfully. Whether you have an irregularly shaped cornea, severe dry eye problems, or other vision issues, our optometrist at Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Spring will be able to help determine if scleral lenses are a good fit for your eye care needs. 

Scleral Lenses: What Our Optometrist Wants You to Know

What Are Scleral Lenses?

Scleral lenses are different from regular soft and gas permeable lenses because they cover the entire surface of the cornea without making contact. This allows a liquid reservoir to form under the lens, which can solve many eye problems that prevent users from wearing typical contact lenses. If you are someone who requires larger than typical lenses for your eye's comfort, scleral lenses may be a good fit for you. Many people who have been told that they will never be able to wear contact lenses find that they can wear scleral lenses comfortably. 

Scleral Lenses for Hard to Fit Eyes

Contact lenses work by adhering to the eye's surface. Standard contact lenses depend on the eye's uniform, spherical surface in order to stay in place while correcting the wearer's vision. For people who have eyes that are shaped differently from the typical eye, standard contact lenses may slide around and move out of place. Scleral contact lenses cover a larger surface of the eye and are more rigid than standard soft contact lenses, allowing them to stay in place even on hard to fit eyes. 

Scleral Lenses for Dry Eyes

Standard contact lenses have high water content. When placed on a dry eye, they can fold over and fall out of the eye. Scleral contact lenses are actually able to hold tears between the eye's surface and the lens. Since scleral lenses create a reservoir of the eye's natural tears, they can work well to treat severe dry eye. It's important that you continue to use any prescription eye drops given to you by your eye doctor. 

Call Our Colorado Spring Optometrist

If you're ready to give scleral contact lenses a try, call our Colorado Spring optometrist at Chapel Hills Vision at (719) 599-5083. We look forward to helping you and your family with all of your vision care needs for years to come.


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