Kid's Eyeglasses

Choosing The Right Eyeglasses for Children

About 20% of children need glasses for clear vision. Left alone, blurry vision and sight loss can affect your child in school, at home, and while out with friends. If you suspect your child has sight loss, your first step is to take them to the eye doctor for an eye exam. However, if they do end up needing vision correction, it can be tricky getting them to wear their new glasses. Here are a few tips that can help:


Pick Comfortable and Well Fitting Frames

Your child may need to wear their glasses for much of the day. That is not likely to happen if the glasses pinch, slip, or wobble.

A good fit takes the child’s face proportions into consideration. Kids tend to have smaller noses. Nose support or even gel padding can help the glasses stay on and make them more comfortable.

Frames that pinch at the temples are uncomfortable and can trigger headaches. Choose glasses that fit properly or have earpieces which can be adjusted to fit. Along these lines, remember that your child is growing quickly. A pair that fits beautifully now may need a bit of adjustment in six months to a year.

Think About Materials

If your young child is a bit clumsy or forgetful, you may want to invest in glasses that can survive being stepped on. One option here is titanium frames, which can bounce back from a certain amount of pressure. However, plastic frames come in a wider variety of fun colors and patterns.

What if your child plays sports? A pair of sport glasses can correct blurry vision. These are often made of solid plastic with a stretchy strap to hold the glasses to the head. There are no hinges or fragile parts that can be broken.

Get Your Child Involved and Excited

It goes without saying that if your child really likes a pair of frames, those are probably going to get worn. Talk to your child about what they want their glasses to look like. Do they have a favorite color? Do they want glittery frames? What about glasses themed after their favorite Disney cartoon? Your child’s eye doctor will take this wish-list and come up with some great frame choices.

Eye Care for the Whole Family

Does your child need an eye exam or an eyeglass fitting? At Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs, we offer a wide selection of frames for every age. Contact us today to book a checkup appointment. You can give us a call at (719) 599-5083. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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