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Chapel Hills Vision Clinic Offers Help For Computer Vision

Computers have become a feature of almost every field of endeavor, and this reality has led to widespread vision problems from long hours of looking at computer screens. Nowadays, there are a number of eye care solutions to help with the eyestrain from computer use. At Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Spring, we can help you achieve clearer, more comfortable vision for your computer tasks. Here are a few frequently asked questions about computer vision syndrome.

Chapel Hills Vision Clinic Offers Help For Computer Vision

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Staring at a computer monitor all day can lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms. You may experience blurry vision, redness of the eyes, dry eyes, headache, neck strain, and double vision. These problems can affect people of every age, but may be particularly troublesome for older people. Your optometrist can provide you with special eyeglasses that can help to relieve the strain of daily computer screen viewing.

How Can Computer Eyeglasses Help Ease Computer Vision Problems?

Computer eyeglasses that has blue light filter and anti-glare coating can help to reduce the eyestrain that occurs when viewing text and data on screens. These coatings can be added to the following eyeglasses:

  • Single vision glasses can provide the clearest and easiest viewing of objects.
  • Occupational progressive lenses allow clearer vision at close distances, intermediate distance, and to an extent, greater distances.
  • Bifocal or trifocal lenses can be prescribed, depending on your particular vision needs.

How Can An Optometrist Help With Computer Vision?

During your eye exam, your optometrist may ask questions about your work style. A visual exam will then be conducted to ensure that you have the right prescription eyeglasses to help you work with greater ease. Small adjustments in your prescription lenses can make a big difference in your comfort and visual clarity when using computers. Your optometrist can even offer a number of tips to protect your vision from blue light in computer screens.

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