Floaters refer to spots in your vision that may appear as black or grey specks.  Other patients compare floaters to strings or cobwebs. Floaters drift across your vision, only to disappear when the eye tries to pinpoint their exact location. Though floaters are a natural part of the aging process, in some cases they indicate serious medical conditions, such as retinal tears. In some cases, floaters can indicate sight-threatening problems which require immediate eye care. At Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO, we will find out what is causing floaters in your vision. If we find an issue, we will address it immediately.


What Causes Eye Floaters?

For many of our patients, eye floaters are a natural part of the aging process.  As the eye ages, the jelly-like substance inside the eye, known as vitreous, becomes more liquefied, which causes microscopic fibers to clump up and cast shadows on the retina.  In more serious cases, inflammation at the back of the eye releases inflammatory debris into the vitreous, causing shadows that appear as floaters. Bleeding in the eye can also cause floaters. This bleeding can be caused by diabetes, blocked blood vessels, hypertension, and injury.

If you experience more floaters in the aftermath of an eye injury, contact your optometrist immediately. Your vision is critically important, so should you notice that your eyesight is being hindered by an increase in floaters; the chances are good that there is an underlying health condition or medical cause.  You don’t have to risk your eyesight when our team of dedicated eye care professionals is standing by with treatment options for you or your family.

Eye Care Specialist: Chapel Hills Vision Clinic

If you have noticed an increase in floaters disturbing your eyesight, you should contact an optometrist immediately, as these symptoms may indicate a more serious condition. Our team at Chapel Hills Vision has years of experience helping patients in Colorado Springs, CO, and the surrounding area understand what is causing their floaters and addressing the causes through eye care if necessary. Our comprehensive eye care services include annual eye exams, sports vision, contact lens fitting for hard to fit eyes, computer vision treatment, and more. For more information on eye care for floaters, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (719) 599-5083 or visit us online.


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