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Contact lenses are a more discrete way to correct vision. For many, not having the inconvenience of wearing glasses is a huge benefit. Once you decide you want contacts though, you have a choice between a few different types: once daily, weekly, and monthly. You may even opt for contacts that you may sleep in. However, one-day contacts have several benefits, especially when you select Chapel Hills Vision Clinic, serving Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding area, as your optometry provider. 

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About Contacts 

Contacts work in the same way eyeglasses do. They redirect the way light enters your eye, so it focuses on your retina instead of before or after it. If you're nearsighted, the contacts alter how light rays focus on the retina by changing the focus further back. On the other hand, if you're farsighted, the contacts change the focus further forward. Contacts may also correct astigmatism. When you have astigmatism, the light enters at a curve. The contacts alter this, so the light isn't entering at a curve. When you have a prescription for toric lenses or ones specifically for astigmatism, they correct how light enters at various angles. 

Benefits of One Day Contact Lenses 

One of the downfalls of wearing disposable contact lenses is the hassle of cleaning them. For people who wear contacts that last for a week or month, each night they must take them out and clean them. This requires purchasing a contact solution and contact lens cases. In addition to cleaning the contact lenses themselves, you must also keep the case clean to prevent infection. This is a lot of hassle. With daily contacts, you don't have to clean them. At the end of each night, you just throw them away. The following day you start fresh with a new pair of lenses. 

In addition to convenience, you have much less risk of infection or eye irritation from contacts you dispose of each night. Unfortunately, the contact solution isn't 100-percent effective at cleaning contacts. Therefore, some of the accumulation of germs, calcium, and proteins remain on contacts you continuously wear. This doesn't happen with daily contacts. 

They're also relatively inexpensive. Technology has made it much easier to produce contacts, so companies mass produce them for much less cost. 

They provide the same level of vision correction as the contact lenses you may use for a prolonged amount of time. 

Schedule an appointment for a contact lens examination with Chapel Hills Vision Clinic, serving Colorado Springs, CO and the nearby region, by calling us at 719-599-5083. 


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