Blurry Vision

Blurry Vision Treatment

Just about everyone has blurry vision at one time or another. Sometimes you get a speck of dust in your eye. Or you have allergies. Or maybe you slept on the side of your face too hard and it takes a few minutes to restore circulation to your eyes when you get up in the morning. But your Doctor of Optometry at Chapel Hills Vision in Colorado Springs wants you to be aware of those times that blurry vision points to the possibility of a condition you need your optometrist to treat.


You may need to see your Doctor of Optometry for refractive condition.

If you cannot see clearly, and you cannot see clearly all the time, it could be that what you need is eyeglasses or contacts, or a change in your prescription. Your Doctor of Optometry is the professional you need to see for this eye problem.

You may be wearing contact lenses that do not fit

Dirt and dust can get under your contact lenses if they do not fit perfectly. Your Doctor of Optometry can help you achieve a perfect fit with the right contact lens prescription.

You may have a problem with dry eyes

Dry eyes, paradoxically, can cause blurry vision by excessive tear production. The problem underlying dry eyes is that they do not produce enough of the natural lubricants that keep your eyes comfortable, so your body tries to compensate by producing tears. Your Doctor of Optometry can help you with this common condition.

You could have a serious underlying health condition

One of the reasons it is important to come in for eye exams every year is to establish a professional relationship with your optometrist. When you optometrist gets to know you, the doctor will recognize changes in your eye health that may signal changes in your overall health. Blurry vision can be a symptom of an eye problem like cataract, glaucoma, or macular degeneration.

Blurry vision can be caused by migraines (even without headache pain), neck problems, diabetes, and scores of other conditions that your Doctor of Optometry and your medical doctor can work together to treat. The eyes are the window to your health. Let your Doctor of Optometry be part of your medical early warning system.

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