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Are you able to see the signs on the highway and things in the distance fine? Do you struggle when reading things close up like your phone or a book? If so, there is a good chance that you have hyperopia, also known as farsightedness. People of any age can develop hyperopia; however, as you get older, you are more at risk. Our optometry office, Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado spring, CO, can provide you with top quality care if you are experiencing hyperopia.

What Causes Hyperopia?

Vision requires your eyes to focus on light rays. The image of what you are looking at is then sent to your brain. If you are farsighted, the light rays won't focus properly. This will cause the image to go behind the retina; which makes things that are close up blurry. Hyperopia tends to run in families. Many children who get this condition from their parents eventually outgrow it. Your doctor will be able to properly diagnose the cause of your hyperopia and provide the correct eye care treatment.

What Are the Symptoms Of Hyperopia?

Difficulty focusing on nearby objects is the most common symptom of this condition. Other symptoms include blurry vision, headaches, eye strain, and eye fatigue after long periods of reading or any other close up tasks.

How Is Hyperopia Diagnosed?

During your annual eye exam, your optometrist will use a magnifying lens to look closely at your eye. Next, you will be asked to look through a variety of lenses designed to correct your vision. You will choose the lenses that make close up objects appear clear. This is how your optometrist will determine your prescription.

How Is Hyperopia Treated?

The most common treatment for hyperopia is eyeglasses. If you wear glasses to treat this condition, you will only need to wear them when you are reading or doing another close-up task. Contact lenses are another popular treatment for hyperopia. If you are going to wear contacts, you will need to have a pair of eyeglasses as a backup.

Another treatment that has become increasingly popular is Lasik eye surgery. Your ophthalmologist will use a laser to correct the imperfections of your cornea, allowing you to see correctly without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

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If you are having difficulty seeing up close, you should make an appointment with Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO. Our doctors of optometry provide full eye care services. If it is determined that you are suffering from hyperopia, we will create a treatment plan designed especially for you.  Call us at 719-599-5083.

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