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Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglass Advice from Our Colorado Springs Chapel Hills Vision Clinic

Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs brings you the best in eye exams, treatments, and lenses that will help you see the world around you. Along with our compassionate services, our staff provides you with advice about polarized glasses.

What are Polarized Glasses?

These glasses have a specialized lens that blocks reflected light. Therefore, they reduce glare. Polarized glasses originally became popular by boating and fishing enthusiasts who spend quite a bit of time in the sun. Skiers, bikers, joggers, and golfers as well as anyone who may spend time working outside often wear them. People driving long distances also experience the benefit of the anti-glare effect of this type of lens, and so do some post-cataract and light-sensitive patients.

How Much Protection do They Give?

The amount of protection depends on whether or not you want sunglasses or traditional ones. For sunglasses, our Colorado Springs Eye Care center typically recommends the kind with UVA and UVB protection. In addition, we usually will make sure the polarized lenses you wear protect you from 99 percent of harmful UV rays if you do spend time outside. However, the regular polarized lenses also can provide you more of a safeguard than standard lenses often not worn during rough play or work.

What is Different About Them in Contrast to Regular Glasses?

Seeing with polarized lenses versus regular glasses is similar to watching high-definition versus standard-definition video. You see less of a foggy overlay or intense light shining into your eyes, but bright colors may appear more vivid than with standard lenses. Unlike many regular lenses, they often have an anti-reflective coating that helps you eliminate distraction of sunlight shining from behind you. Polarized lenses also help prevent eye strain more than some types of standard lenses.

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