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Benefits Of Polarized Glasses

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The Benefits of Polarized Glasses

Almost everyone has heard about the overall benefits of wearing sunglasses these days. However, a lot of people still don't know what polarized glasses are, and why you would want them. Here at Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs, we recommend polarized glasses for most people.

What Polarized Glasses Are

Basically, polarized glasses are designed to reduce glare. Using a special design that only allows certain types of light in, polarized sunglasses can successfully reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and other cars on the road. They can be an extremely effective feature for improving your comfort when you are out in the sun, and they may also improve your safety on the road by reducing glare from other cars that can interfere with your vision.

Eye Protection from Polarized Sunglasses

Polarization is usually an additional option that is added to your sunglasses when you order them. It doesn't provide additional UV protection for your eyes, but it does provide additional comfort and possibly safety. Polarized lenses are typically tinted a standard gray color, which allows normal color perception while reducing both glare and visible light.

Make sure that your polarized sunglasses say they block 100 percent of UV light. This is sometimes displayed with a label that says 'UV 400' as well. Polarization itself does nothing to block UV rays, so it is important that the lenses protect you from these harmful rays.

Polarized lenses are not right for everyone, however. LCD screens, such as those found in modern cars, cell phones, and instrument panels, are often invisible through polarized lenses. This is not the case for all screens, but it can definitely mean that some people might want non-polarized lenses for driving.

Contact Our Team of Optometrist for Polarized Glasses in Colorado Springs

Come in and ask our optician here at Chapel Hills Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs about polarized glasses! We offer prescription sunglasses, including polarized glasses, for people with all kinds of different vision needs. If you need a new prescription to go with your new polarized sunglasses, call (719) 599-5083 to make an appointment with one of our optometrists.

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