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Back To School Glasses

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Get The Right Glasses For This School Year with Our Optometrist in Colorado Springs, CO

Preparing to go back to school is no easy task. However, as parents prepare to send their kids back to school there are several things to they need to be mindful of if their children wear glasses or contact lenses. Here at Chapel Hill's Vision Clinic in Colorado Spring, we encourage parents to make sure their children have the right glasses to help ensure they will be able to function at their highest capacity when they are in their classrooms.

Vision Changes Every Year

When your child is dependent on prescription eyewear, it's important for you to remember, just as they require new clothing every year, they also need an eye exam to make sure that the prescription in their glasses is still right for their eyes. If the prescription in a pair of glasses and contacts are off by just a little, this can cause any number of issues like blurred vision, an inability to gauge distances properly and eye fatigue. We encourage parents to have their children's vision examined just before the start of the new school year.

Frames For Every Style

We offer a multitude of eyeglass frames featuring styles that can satisfy any personality type. For kids who are involved in contact sports like football and basketball, we have a selection of wraparound frames and also other especially frames that are made specifically for those who engage in athletic activities. We also picture frames that come in a multitude of colors. Whether a person is looking for something more subdued or flamboyant, we have something for everyone.

We Serve All Ages

Here at Chapel Hill's Vision Clinic in Colorado Springs, we see patients of all ages. With over 30 years of experience, we have fitted glasses on patients between the ages of 1 and 99. Make sure your children are ready for school this year. Schedule an appointment to have their eyes examined, and treat them to a new pair of frames today. Give us a call at 719-599-5083.

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