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An Overview of Sports Vision from Chapel Hills Vision Clinic

Sports are a great way for people to learn about competition and teamwork in addition to staying in shape. At the same time, there are extra activities and exercises that people can perform off the field to strengthen their performance on it. This includes sports vision. While many people think that sports vision is about protecting someone's eyes from harm while playing sports, this isn't entirely accurate. Yes, it is important for everyone to wear the proper eyewear; however, sports vision is about coordination and tracking. The team from Chapel Hills Vision Clinic is here to talk more about sports vision with everyone in the Colorado Springs area.


The Basics of Sports Vision

The goal of sports vision is to improve someone's overall level of visual acuity while playing sports. Some of the important factors involved in this process include:

Coordination Sports vision exercises are centered around improving someone's level of eye coordination with both the hands and feet. The eyes will be trained to become more spatially aware with regards to the eyes, hands, feet, and various objects that might be in play. Coordination is a critical part of sports.

Tracking Sports vision will also work with people when it comes to tracking objects in space. There are tons of sports where tracking objects play a role, such as football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. It is important for people to track objects in space and, sometimes, there are multiple objects to track at the same time.

Judgment and Depth PerceptionSports vision will also help someone judge certain objects in space. It can be hard to tell how far away objects are and how fast they are moving. Sports vision will help someone improve their ability to do exactly that. Using certain exercises, the eyes and brain can be trained to better interpret just how far away these objects are, improving someone's abilities to respond and react appropriately.

A detailed optometry sports vision exercise regimen can help athletes reach an entirely new level on the playing field.

Learn More from Chapel Hills Vision Clinic

These are only a few of the many important points that will play a role in someone's sports vision. Those who are looking to elevate their play on the field of competition should learn more about these exercises from Chapel Hills Vision Clinic. We are here to make sure that everyone in the Colorado Spring area. We provide comprehensive eye care services from our team of trained optometrists including preventative care services, acute care, and sports vision. To learn more about how we can help you, please call Chapel Hills Vision Clinic today to schedule an appointment.


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